Adding a vehicle

When you purchase or replace a vehicle, Clearcover extends insurance coverage to that vehicle at the same coverage level of your current policy for the following 30 days.

Note: If your new or replacement vehicle is financed, then contact your lienholder to ensure that your current vehicle's coverage levels meet your lienholder's requirements for the new vehicle.

To add a vehicle to your policy:

  1. Open the Clearcover app on your mobile phone.
  2. In the bottom menu, tap Policy.
  3. Tap Add New Vehicle.
  4. Enter the required information about your vehicle.
  5. If you pay monthly, tap Update Policy. You don't owe anything immediately, because we will charge the change in premium costs over the remaining months of your policy.
  6. If you purchased your policy in full, tap Complete Payment, review your payment details, and then tap Submit Payment. Clearcover will charge you the difference in cost between your current premium and your premium with the added vehicle.

To add a vehicle to your policy, you need the following information:

  • the vehicle's make and model
  • the vehicle's VIN number
  • the lienholder's name and address, if the vehicle is financed

Important: We cannot add anyone who is registered on the vehicle and does not have a valid U.S. license. This includes permitted, not licensed, and international drivers. If we can't add a driver to the policy with the vehicle, then we cannot add the vehicle.


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