Lookout for IVANS Policy Downloads

If your agency uses an Agency Management System and you have an active IVANS account, Clearcover can automatically send your policy data out for your agents to view in your Agency Management System.

If you provided your IVANs information at the time of onboarding—sit back and relax … we’ll make sure you’re set up to receive daily policy downloads. If not or your are unsure, please reach out to your Agency Account Manager for help. We do not include pending renewals and pending cancellations.

Note: If your Agency Management System requires the input of Clearcover’s IBM Machine Number from IVANS, you can find it here: IBM855CLRCO

What will your agency receive from Clearcover via IVANS?

  1. Clearcover currently only sends out policy data on a daily basis, which includes policy binds, cancels, renewals, and endorsements
  2. Clearcover does not send any commissions, claims, or policy document data via IVANS at this time
  3. IVANS does not send any quote data through to your Agency Management System

When will your agency receive data from Clearcover via IVANS?

  1. You should expect to see Clearcover data available to download within your agency’s IVANS mailbox each day shortly after 3pm CST. This will represent your policy data from the day before

Note: Clearcover cannot provide any assistance regarding IVANS technology or your account information. If you have questions or issues with your agency’s IVANS account, you can view some helpful information and contact IVANS customer support here.