Starting a Quote

New business quotes

At this time you cannot start a new business quote in the Clearcover agent portal. We ask that you start all new business quotes via your agency's comparative rater.

It is important to let applicants know that a quote is only retrievable for 30 days and the rate is only guaranteed for the day it is quoted. After 30 days, you'll need to run a new quote and the initial premium is subject to change.

Policy endorsement quotes

Note that to quote an endorsement on an active policy, you can complete the following in the Clearcover agent portal.

  • Add a vehicle
  • Remove a vehicle
  • Add a driver

The following is a list of policy changes you cannot complete in the Clearcover Agent Portal. You need to connect with a Clearcover representative for assistance on the items below.

  • Remove or exclude a driver
  • Add roadside assistance
  • Add alternate transportation/rental reimbursement
  • Change comprehensive or collision deductibles
  • Edit vehicle mileage
  • Edit garaging address