About Alternate Transportation coverage

Alternate Transportation coverage allows you to stay mobile while your vehicle is not drivable due to a covered incident. When you have Alternate Transportation coverage, Clearcover reimburses you based on how you decide to get around – whether that's using ridesharing services, taking public transportation, or renting a car from the company of your choice.

Alternate Transportation coverage includes two numbers. The first number is the maximum amount that we will reimburse per day, and the second number is the maximum amount that Clearcover will reimburse for a single incident. If you purchase $30/$900 coverage, for example, then Clearcover will reimburse up to $30 per day, for a maximum of $900 for an incident, for your alternate transportation expenses.

You can only use Alternate Transportation coverage in the event of a covered loss, which is an incident for which you file a Clearcover claim. Alternate Transportation coverage does not apply to a vehicle's regular maintenance or mechanical repairs.