Adding a vehicle to a policy

When you purchase or replace a vehicle, Clearcover extends insurance coverage to that vehicle at the same coverage level of your current policy for the following 30 days.

Note: If your new or replacement vehicle is financed, then you will want to check with your lienholder to ensure that your current vehicle's coverage levels meet your lienholder's requirements for the new vehicle.

Although it's not yet possible to add or replace a vehicle on your own policy using the Clearcover app, one of our Customer Advocates will be happy to help you while we work toward adding that feature in the future. You can chat with us below or call us at 855-444-1875.

To get the fastest service possible, you'll want to have the following information ready when you contact us:

  • the vehicle's make and model
  • the vehicle's VIN number
  • the lienholder's address and phone number, if the vehicle is financed

All registered owners who have an interest in the vehicle must be added to an insurance policy with no exceptions. However, we cannot add anyone who is registered on the vehicle and does not have a valid U.S. license, including permitted, unlicensed, and international drivers. If a driver can't be added to the policy with the vehicle, then we cannot add the vehicle.