About premium credits for customers in TX, IL, AZ, UT, OH, WI, & LA

Note: If you’re a customer in California, please see here for more information for your state.

Clearcover’s vision has always been to operate as efficiently as possible so that we can pass our savings on to our customers and give you more coverage for less money. With fewer people driving during the COVID-19 crisis, our projected business costs are lower than expected, and we want to pass those savings on to you, our customers.

If you are a Clearcover customer, you could receive up to two 15% credits on your monthly premium. You can use the following information to determine whether you'll receive one or both credits and when you'll receive them:

  • If you have an active Clearcover policy on April 30, 2020, then Clearcover gave you a credit toward your next month's premium on May 16, 2020. 
  • If you have an active Clearcover policy on May 31, 2020, then Clearcover will give you a credit toward your next month's premium on June 15, 2020.

Clearcover issued credits for eligible customers on May 16. If you were eligible based on the guidelines above and you pay your premium monthly, you can find your 15% credit for April in the Clearcover app. This credit automatically applies toward your next bill. To view your credit in the Clearcover app, go to the Payments screen. The credit appears as its own line, as shown in the image below.


If you paid your 6-month premium in full or cancelled your policy after April 30, you should have received an eCheck refund for 15% off your April premium. Deluxe eChecks emailed you this check on May 19.