Making payments

You can use the Clearcover mobile app to view your billing details and make payments (including an early monthly payment).

To view your billing details:

  1. Launch the Clearcover app.
  2. In the menu, tap Payments.

To make a payment:

  1. Launch the Clearcover app.
  2. From the Home screen, in the Upcoming Payment box, tap Pay Now.
  3. Select your payment method.
    1. Note: We do not accept prepaid cards.
  4. Select whether you want to pay the current amount due or the remaining monthly premium.
  5. Select your payment date.
  6. Tap Confirm Payment.

Late payments

If you've received a cancellation notice for non-payment, the day before the cancellation date is your last opportunity to make payment by 11:59 PM, as the policy will officially cancel at midnight.

Grace period

In the event of a mid-term payment failure, we will send you an email and a letter in the mail. This correspondence will include the final date by which we must receive your payment to prevent any interruption in your policy. Typically, you'll have a grace period of 10 days from the date of notification.

When it comes to the first payment of a renewal term, we extend a 15-day grace period. However, if payment is not received within this time frame, your policy will expire on the last day of your current term. It's important to note that coverage will not be in effect during these 15 days unless payment is successfully processed before the grace period expires.