Commissions FAQ

The details below outline how Clearcover pays commissions and manages related statements.

Commission Payments

  • Commissions are paid once per month, no later than the 5th working day of each month, in the month after they are earned.
  • Payments are made via ACH to the banking information provided when an agency becomes appointed with Clearcover.
  • In most cases, if you were appointed through an aggregator relationship, commissions will be paid by the aggregator.
  • To update your banking information, please email .

Commission Statements

  • Commission statements are sent out at the beginning of the month, within 5 business days of the previous month.
  • The chargeback amount reflected in your Monthly Partner Commission file (.pdf) is the amount that will be charged for running Motor Vehicle Reports.
    • A separate MVR report email is provided on the 6th of every month as supplementary information and enforcement by producer is at your discretion. 
    • Learn more about how chargebacks are calculated at Clearcover in our Agent Hub article
  • Statements are sent to the accounting contact email address specified in your onboarding form.
    • If no account contact was listed, the statement will be sent to the agency principal/DRLP.
  • The monthly statement will include a PDF summary statement, as well as a detailed Excel file of transactions for the prior month.
    • On the PDF summary statement, the lines "Agency of Record Change - Renewal" and "Agent of Record Change - 1st Year" have been added to reflect any Agent of Record changes within the month that resulted in commission dollars.
  • If you have questions regarding your commission statement, or if you need to update your accounting contact's information, please email