Activity History for Policy Details now available in the Portal!

Clearcover Insurance Company is releasing “Activities” in the Agent Portal, highlighting changes made on your customers’ policies in an easy-to-find way. 

Activities will live on the policy details page, meaning you no longer need to look at the historical declarations pages of a policy to find this information.

In this initial release of Activity History, the following events are included:

  • New Business policy bind event
  • Applied endorsements

Additional policy lifecycle events will be added in future releases as improvements are made to this new feature. 



This screenshot shows a policy bound event and three separate applied endorsements:


The number in the green circle is the number of changes done on that endorsement. In this screenshot, there were two coverage changes done on the endorsement.  



Clicking on the dropdown (to the right of the coverage changes description) will open up some additional details, including the change in premium. The new policy term premium will show, with a green down arrow if it’s decreased or a red up arrow if it’s increased. The change for this endorsement is shown as well as what the policy term premium previously was.   


Clicking on “More Details” will open up the Policy Change screen.  

There is a tile for each change made to the policy.  What changed can be found by looking for the gold indicator dot. In the screenshot above, the Medical Payments limit was changed from $1,000 to $4,000. 

This behavior is consistent for all types of endorsement changes.