Signing Required Documents

In order to complete their bound policy, every NI must e-sign the following required documents:

  • Terms of Service (Welcome Agreement)
  • Paperless Billing Policy
  • Auto Pay Policy

Any additional post-bind documents, such as the Excluded Driver Form (if applicable) will be sent in separate emails for e-signature 

The email(s) will be automatically sent to the customer within minutes of binding the policy. Advise customers to e-sign all documents as soon as possible. 

You can track signature status in the Clearcover Portal on the customer's specific policy page


Note: Other than setting customers' expectations that they must electronically sign their documents, you do not need to take action. Clearcover does not accept wet signatures on these documents.


Follow Up on Signatures: 

We will monitor the status of all document signatures and follow up with customers as necessary, but if a customer does not sign their documents, we must cancel their policy.


How customers e-Sign: 

eSigning is easy and customers can do so from their phone, desktop, tablet etc! If customers need assistance, here are the steps: 

1.  Open the email from Dropbox Sign
2.  Click Review & Sign
3.  In the upper right-hand corner, click Get Started
4.  In the middle of the page, select the Click to Sign box with a red star next to it
5.  Choose whether to draw or type your signature
6.  Click Insert
7.  Make sure the green bar at the top of the page indicates that you've signed all of the required fields and then click the Continue button in the upper right-hand corner
8.  Read the statement and select I Agree to finish signing your document(s)

Once a customer has completed these steps, their documents will be signed and they will receive an email with their copy.