Clearcover Policy Renewals - For Agents

When you sell a Clearcover policy to your customer, you can rest assured that our team has your back. Please read through the below Q&A to learn more about the renewal process at Clearcover. 

When is a renewal available?

Between 25 and 45 days before the end of a policy term, we review information related to a customer's insurance application, to determine the renewal rate of their policy. At this time, the renewal becomes available in the Clearcover Agent Portal.

How is a customer notified of their renewal?

Once the renewal term and rate have been generated, we email the customer the renewal offer. This email includes the total premium, premium change (if applicable), the amount of the first renewal payment, and the payment method we will use.

How can a customer see their renewal documents?

Before the renewal is active, customers can review their renewal in the Renewal Center of the Clearcover mobile app.


On the first day of a customer’s new policy term, our mobile app will automatically display their updated ID card and policy information, making it easy for them to find their policy details when they need it fast.

How can I send a customer their renewal documents?

Regrettably, renewal documents will not be accessible until the renewal effective date.

On the first day the renewal is active, you can view and download a customer’s ID card or declarations page in the Documents section of the policy in the Clearcover Agent Portal.

You can also mail these documents to the customer from the portal!