Factors That Can Impact Your Rate

Currently, many aspects of our lives witness fluctuations in prices, and insurance is no exception. In the event of accidents, insurance policies cover expenses such as vehicle repairs, medical treatment, and labor costs. As the costs associated with these aspects rise, adjustments to our insurance rates become necessary.

Several factors are driving up the cost of car insurance. 

  • Newer cars have become safer due to advances in technology, these advances also drive up claim costs as newer cars are more expensive to repair and/or replace.
  • Computer components and other parts needed for car repairs are more expensive.
  • Auto mechanic's per-hour charge for carrying out repairs is on the rise.
  • An increase in the number of vehicles on the road leads to an increase in accident frequency.
  • An increase in disaster-related claims is a significant reason why car insurance rates are surging for many drivers.
  • You may experience an auto rate increase due to insurance claims data in your ZIP code. If your area has a high rate of theft, accident, or weather-related claims, it becomes riskier for an insurance company to cover drivers there.
  • Medical costs are almost always on the rise and rate level increases are necessary to pay these costs. 

As insurance providers, we can't control these costs, but we monitor them closely to see how they affect the prices of the claims we handle. When these costs change, auto insurance rates will likely change too. This could affect your premium, even if you haven't had an accident or made a claim.