How Clearcover handles policy renewals

When is a renewal available?

Depending on your state, between 25 and 45 days before the end of your current policy term, we review information related to your insurance application, such as driving records and vehicle history, to determine your renewal rates. There are approximately 30 factors that we use to calculate risk, and changes among those factors can impact your rate. At this time, the renewal becomes available in the mobile app.

How am I notified of my renewal?

Once the renewal term and rate have been generated, we send you an email outlining the renewal offer. This email includes the total premium, premium change (if applicable), the amount of the first renewal payment, and the payment method we will use.

How can I see the renewal information?

Before the renewal is active, you can review the renewal in the Renewal Center of the mobile app.


How can I see renewal documents?

Before the renewal is active, you can review premium information in the mobile app. Regrettably, renewal documents will not be accessible until the renewal effective date.

On the first day of the renewal term, the mobile app will automatically display an updated ID card and policy information.

When does a renewal become effective?

If you have autopay enabled, your renewal will seamlessly take effect once the down payment processes successfully, ensuring uninterrupted service and convenience for you.


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